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Virginia’s Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court

Gavel sitting on 'juvenile law' platform, next to scalesIn Virginia, a juvenile is defined as a person under the age of 18. Local juvenile courts have jurisdiction over all criminal cases involving alleged offenders under 18 years of age. These cases sometimes resemble traditional criminal matters, but are reserved for juvenile courts because alleged crimes were not committed by an adult. However, select cases may involve status offenses, which are only illegal because the offender is not of age.

There is a common belief that a person’s juvenile record is automatically sealed when he or she turns 18.  This is a myth.  In Virginia, juvenile records are not automatically sealed when a child turns 18.  Based on the age of the offender at the time that they were an adjudicated delinquent, or the severity of the charge, an adjudication of delinquency could remain on a person’s record into adulthood and in some cases, permanently. That’s why it’s important to work with a skilled attorney like Ms. Jordan.

Why Work With a Skilled Juvenile Defense Attorney?

Juvenile court proceedings have many differences from a standard adult proceeding.  Ms. Jordan is an ideal attorney to represent young people because she knows the procedural differences and she has a unique style that allows her to effectively interact with her minor clients.  Ms. Jordan is patient with her young clients, devoting the time necessary to ensure they understand the legal process, and the circumstances with which they are faced.  She empowers them to make decisions about their case. Ms. Jordan firmly believes the more invested the youth is in their case, the more invested they will be in taking charge of their future.

Choose Fairfax Juvenile Defense Attorney Vanessa Jordan

The Law Office of Vanessa R. Jordan, PLLC offers high-quality representation not only for adults accused of criminal behavior, but also juveniles. Juvenile cases are nearly always complicated, and require an attorney with a special skill set; juvenile cases have their own nomenclature, and have complicated rules regarding disposition and case timetables.

Vanessa has experience representing juveniles charged with crimes. As a public defender, Vanessa was a senior assistant in charge of supervising and mentoring other juvenile attorneys. Young clients and their parents can count on the Vanessa for knowledgeable representation in Virginia’s juvenile courts, plus patient and attentive counsel in private. Vanessa treats her clients with respect regardless of age, and empowers them to make decisions about their case.

If you’re a minor and you’ve been accused of breaking the law — or if you’re the parent of an alleged juvenile offender — you cannot afford to tackle the criminal justice process alone. You deserve compassionate support from an experienced attorney who understands your predicament. Let Vanessa guide you seamlessly through this process and help you obtain a favorable outcome. Years from now, you’ll thank yourself for seeking the assistance of a dedicated, knowledgeable and trustworthy Fairfax attorney.

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